Participation Icons

The icons on this page are free to use — post them on your facebook to promote awareness, include them as images in your blog entries, use them however you wish – they are your icons for your day. If you have a design you’d like to share with others, send an email to and we will include it here.

2017 N24 Day Icon:


[image description: a classic black-and-white woodcut image of Alice climbing through the looking glass over the fireplace has been altered so that she is now climbing through an infinitely spiraling clock face. Overlaid on the image are the words: N24 Awareness Day 2017,]

Feel free to link directly to this icon if you have no place to host it on your site. The file location is:  https//

2016 N24 Day Icon

N24 Day 2016

2015 N24 Day Icon:

N24 Day 2015

2014 N24 Day Icon:

N24 Day 2014

2013 N24 Day Icon:

2013 N24 Awareness day Participation Icon

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