This Years Theme – Think Zebras!


We have our theme for this year: Think Zebras!

When future doctors are in medical school, they learn a saying: “if you hear hoofbeats think horses, not zebras.” What this means is that if, for example, a patient comes in with a headache, the doctor should go for the most obvious, common causes, such as a sinus infection, tension, migraines, etc. not the more uncommon causes such as tumors, brain parasites, etc.

In the case of N24, we really *ARE* zebras. We go to doctors who have been taught to interpret our hoofbeats as horses and they say we have insomnia. But we don’t — we have a very rare circadian rhythm disorder. Our hoofbeats are the sound of galloping zebras.

This N24 Awareness Day, November 24, 2015, consider sharing something related to the zebra theme. You are encouraged to write, speak, draw, sculpt, compose, or otherwise channel your feelings, thoughts, and experiences into some expression related to what it is like to be a zebra — a person with a rare condition. It can be harder to get diagnosed, harder to find good treatments, harder to get accommodations harder to explain it to friends and family. You can feel more alone because it is hard to find others who live the same way.

–Sparrow Rose Jones


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