Sparrow Rose Jones – Zebras and Giraffes – N24 Day 2015

Today, November 24th, is N24 Awareness Day, a day set aside for raising awareness of non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Syndrome, a rare and serious circadian rhythm disorder that anyone can have, but that is more common among Autistic people and much, much more common among totally Blind people. This year, we have a theme: Think Zebras…

I travel around the country and often have occasion to mention N24, especially since an article about it (featuring me) came out in Scientific American Mind last month. I have been shocked by how many people I have met who have strong signs of N24 or know someone with strong signs of it. It is the same story each time: the thrill of recognition, the surprise to learn that others have it a well, the strength that comes from a name, from knowing where to turn for more answers.

But I don’t just have a zebra (N24), I also have a giraffe (autism) and the two together get up to quite a bit of mischief.

Because I have learned that when a person has a giraffe, their zebra often becomes invisible. So many of the symptoms are dismissed as being just an unusual part of the giraffe. It can be really hard to get serious attention for a horse, even, let alone a zebra…


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