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Michael Worley – N24 to me is a huge pain in my ass

The hardest thing for me about N24 isn’t even the inability to hold a job, that alone is bad, but the social aspects are far worse. I stopped getting invited to friend’s parties because they thought I simply wasn’t going to show, I was always welcome to come even without an invite but my sleep patterns made things so difficult for all of us that nobody wanted to do actual math to figure out if I was going to be there.

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Circadian Sleep Disorders Network – Nov 24 is N24 Day

Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder is a serious disorder of the body’s circadian system, in which a person’s clock runs (generally) much longer than 24 hours and they are unable to entrain to a 24-hour daily cycle. Instead, their sleep time progresses later and later each day, going all the way around the clock. It is also called Free Running Disorder. Without proper treatment the person is unable to meet regular daily commitments and so, without suitable accommodations, unable to hold a normal job, so this is a real disability. And in some people the current treatment are ineffective.

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James Fadden – N24 Awareness Day 2014: Myths and Reality

Well, it’s that time of year again. The nip of Autumn is in the air, and that can mean only one thing, N24 Awareness Day. Just one year ago, the N24 community celebrated the first N24 Day, having designated November 24th as our day to spread awareness of the condition.

2014 has certainly been an eventful year for awareness of N24. In January of this year the US Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug specifically designated for the treatment of N24 in totally blind patients. In the US, advertising of medicines is permitted and Vanda has been running advertisements on television and radio talking about N24. A year ago the average person had never heard of N24. Now, if you were to ask someone (at least in the US) if they had heard of N24 there is a good chance the answer would be yes, because of the Vanda campaign.

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N24 Day 2014

Every year, November 24th is celebrated as N24 Day!

On N24 Day, people with N24 and our allies are encouraged to write about living with N24 or create other forms of art and communication (videos, paintings, music, audio recordings, etc.) about the lived experience of N24. These can take the form of personal stories, scientific essays, awareness essays, poetry, paintings, music and other symbolic expressions and more.

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