Circadian Sleep Disorders Network

Circardian Sleep Disorders Network posted for N24 Awareness Day:


“Talk to someone about it! Raise awareness! Explain what it is, that it affects sighted as well as blind individuals, how it impacts people’s lives, that it is physical and is reflected in people’s biomarkers, and that treatment often does not work.”

Read the entire entry:

Nov-24 is Non-24 Awareness Day


About unstrangemind

I am an adult Autistic. I've come so far; I have so far to go. I've named my blog after Grinker's excellent book, "Unstrange Minds: Remapping the World of Autism." Other than borrowing from his title (do you know how difficult it is to find a wordpress name that hasn't already been taken?!) I have no connection with Dr. Grinker.

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